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Advice Needed With Powering An Ssc-32

Hey guys.

I have some questions in regards to powering an SSC-32 controller and would like some confirmation.

I'll be connecting the SSC-32 via UART/serial TX and RX, to RX and TX on an EZ-B using ports D0/D1, but after reading the product discription again, and reading the user guide, I'm just want to confirm how to power the SSC-32 and connected servos.

1.) I'll be powering my v4 with a 7v battery (7.2 or 7.4v), and I think I understand that the SSC-32 already comes with jumpers installed to connect the "VS1" and "VS2" rails together so that all 32 ports can be used with one power supply (which is what I will be doing). Is that correct?

2.) I can connect the same 7v battery powering the EZ-B, or another similar battery, to the "VS1" terminals, and this supplies power for the SSC-32's logic and power for the servos connected to it. Have I got that right?

Like I say, I think that I understand it right after reading the user guide, but I'd like to be sure. One final question,

3.) What does changing the baud rate do in regards to the SSC-32? I'll be using about 30 servos with mine.



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The user manual is self explanatory regarding how to power the ssc-32 (and how to set the jumpers).... The baud rate has to match whatever the ssc-32 is communicating with. Meaning if you are sending instructions to the ssc-32 from your ezb at 38400baud then you need to set the ssc-32 at 38400 baud as well... Makes sense, right?.... Yes you can use the same battery to power your ezb and ssc-32 ....
United Kingdom

Thanks for responding, but didn't fully answer what I asked.

You're right that the user guide does explain things, but like I said, I would like confirmation to what I asked just to be sure. It's best to get confirmation for something I haven't ever used, or for someone like me who doesn't always find reading an instruction manual easy due to dyslexia... don't you agree?

And yes it does make sense as I know that the baud rates have to match, but what I was asking is what does changing the baud rate do in regards to the SSC, i.e if I use more servos, would I have to increase the baud rate?
Nothing will happen if you use say 9600 baud instead. ... You may notice a delay in servo response compared to using the default ezb baud rate of 38400... Everything else will remain the same...
United Kingdom
That's cool. Good to know.