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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Advice Needed - Burnt Up My Ezb

Hi Gang,

Well, I finally killed my EZB by not being careful and getting in a hurry. Ya think I'd know better by now. I was moving a wire in my robot that is supplied with 24vDC while it was energized and drug it across the Digital ports of EZB while it was energized. The Blue light locked on and I removed power right away. Next time I turned EZB board on I got no blue light, the red Bluetooth light does blink but the main large chip and the regulator next to the blue light gets very hot.

I know I burnt something up on the board that needs to be replaced. I've read that when EZB's supply power is reversed the Regulator needs to be replaces. That post says the two 5 volt regulators on the EZ-B V3 board that are mounted to the two heat sinks are:

1) LM1084 IT 5.0 ( VR1 )
2) MIC29300 5.0 WT ( VR2 )

Is there a schismatic posted somewhere of the circuitry of the EZB V3 so I can see what else I may have fried when blowing 24v backwards through the digital ports?

I'm very open to advice as what I may have burnt up or need to change out. Hope I didn't burn up the main chip. *tired*

Dave Schulpius

Dave, we will get you operational right away:)
Thanks DJ. You guys are best. I'll send in my info to," Contact us," this evening. It still blows me away that you guys are willing to help get me up and running again even though it was my fault I burnt this unit out. Just goes to show you why you continue to be such a success.
I just want to publicly thank DJ and the gang for the personal treatment and resolving my issue beyond what I had asked or hoped for. Thanks EZ Robot! You make me feel important and special to you.
Awesome ! good to hear about your quick and personal service!:) This is a sign of a great company.
yep Glen, these guys the real deal. Best company I've ever dealt with.
Awesome sauce, your absolutely right Ez Robot is a great company , they got my board issue taken care of as well. The replacement part is in the mail. THANKS Everyone!