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Adventurebot Lazersound&Light

here a simpel way to as sound&light on remote


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Real nice job Nomad, Now you should go take some shots at Richard...

Ron R
United Kingdom
Nice one Patrick. You e got the light and sound effects set up to work really well.:)
andy roid

why richard r ,he's good guy haha serieus

steve g

in 10 min was all set.

i make all kinds of smal codes and one day maybe i understand what am doing.
i had a great day.
United Kingdom
That's cool. It looks like you had fun doing that.:D
yeach i feld good today,had lot off interest.

this looks like a job for ezbv1000

User-inserted image
Your next project, Right?

Ron R
yes when the ezbv1000 comes out .and when the inmoove has legs.:D
from adventurebot to battlebot

@nomad... did you figure out how to use the joystick control (and with buttons) on your own? Scripts for the buttons too? I am genuinely and seriously impressed...:)

Dude, take care of that cough, ok?
haha its not me that is coughing,my roommate.but i had it to,almost cured.

its pretty straight forwart.

thank you
Patrick, is that a laser diode or just an LED? I have a laser on my Roli. I wired it up with a voltage regulator and a TIP120 since it needed more volts than the digital signal line but less than my battery provides.

its just a led 3 volt ,i use the black/white wire

very cool a lazer on your roli.did you made a video off it?
I'll make a video sometime this week. My cat loves the laser. She come running to the room whenever she hears an EZ-B say it is connected to my network because she thinks I am going to play laser chase with her.

we had a bird in my sisters garden and when he /che hears the sound off nokia ,
cell phone he/che play it to just excacly same tune.
so when you some day missing an ezbv,you know where to look for,