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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Adventure Bot

I recently began working on 4 Adventure Bots I ordered for my classroom back in June. Unfortunately, even after downloading the Adventure Bot app, only one wheel works on 2 of the robots. I thought perhaps it was an issue with coding, but half of the bots don't have this problem. I was wondering if there is something technically I can do or if a replacement part is necessary.



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Check and see if those two servos are plugged in correctly.... If they are plugged in backwards they definitely won't work...
One other thing to check is if the screw that holds the wheel in place is tightened down too tight. We have seen a few Adventurebots with wheels rubbing against the servo due to the screw being fastened down too tight from the factory. We now are implementing a solution moving forward but there might be some Adventurebots out there in the wild that may experience this issue. Please use a phillips screwdriver to loosen off the screw of the tight wheels.
Thanks everyone! I'll check on both of these suggestions and see if they work!
So I checked all the screws and made sure the students hadn't put the servos in backwards. What seems to be happening now is that one wheel spins forwards while the other spins backwards, causing the bot to only turn in a circle. Any suggestions?