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Additional Hardware Help

I'm just wondering if anyone knows if these can be connected to the ezb board:






If someone understands this could you please explain it please. I'm slowly building my understanding and I thank everyone for all the help. This is in no doubt one of, if not THE most helpful communities I've had the pleasure of being a part of.

I'm still struggling to understand the GPS thing. Seems to be alot of chips and shields and stuff so if someone could clue me in or even just show me what they use I would be really Greatful


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United Kingdom
TSA01 - yes. Connect to ADC port. Value will be 0 to 255 so will need converting but it will work.
tmp36 - yes. Connect to ADC port. But as the max voltage is 5.5v it would need to be limited or divided to avoid damaging the EZB (max EZB can take is 5v). Will also need a small circuit or protoboard but you probably realised that
cmps3tech - yes. I2C so check the datasheet on how to operate it.

Other 2, unsure I can't check PDFs at the moment. If they are I2C then yes but check data sheets for how to use them.
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That's great thank you I had realised I'd need a protoboard for the tmp36, not that I really get that either. Incidentally I forgot to add to the above question, can all non continuous rotation servos have their positions set or are some set relatively. I've noticed some give data feedback for position and some don't and I don't quite get what that means
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If I understand the question, all can be set. Add a servo control and set the position, servo will move to position. Or use scripts, Servo(port, position) and it'll move to position.

What are you using the servo for? It pays to calculate the torque needed, I made the mistake of not bothering and had to do my robots neck and arms twice.
United Kingdom
Ill be using them for neck and arms. I've been trying to use the calculator you pointed me to on a previous post which has been quite helpful. Ill be using a gear system in the joints to turn 180 degrees into 90 degrees of movement. It's far from my first plan which was to try to make a motor powered piston. The arm limbs are going to be 18 cm long each and weigh about 2kg each. I was thinking about using motors instead but I need to be able to control the exact position. With it also needing a rotating wrist and be able to rotate on two axis at the elbow I'm limited with connection numbers being 20. I'm trying to avoid using two ezb boards
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After having a quick look on the remaining list:

1. Number 4 looks like a digital port configuration for normal serial control sensors. This may require scripting to use the multifunctions and feature of the camera.

2. Number 5 can be used with analogue port to detect the analogue voltage.

others can elaborate more on the How.

United Kingdom
Awesome thank you for that gives me that chance to know the direction to look