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Adding Power To The Wireless Camera

Hey All,
A couple of questions:

1. when you wire up the camera to the EZB power sorce, do you also have to remove the camera battery?

2. I watched DJ's instructional vid and couldn't work out where he soldered the white wire to the boaard. I havn't soldered mine on and it still works OK - do you have to?

As always, thanks for your help.


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I am glad you found it. I didn't want to turn the wireless one into a corded cam. I figured I'd leave it wireless. I found this online and got two. They are super clear.

20mp cam
In the future, check the tutorial section. Don't use YouTube or google searches. Best to check our tutorial section for the hardware or software configuration guides. Here is the webcam hardware guide: http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Hardware.aspx?id=14

That link contains information and other links to help you:)
Hey DJ.
I always start with the tutorials and the majority of the time they help me through any problems I have. I did watch the wireless camera one but I couldn't work out if you had removed the battery and where you soldered the white wire (video is a little unclear)
The pictures on the ez site were very helpful.
That's one good looking camera - dead cheap too!
I got one already super clear.
Hey Sofy,
Did you wire the camera you mentioned to the EZB? i really want something like this to stick on my omnibot but i'm not sure how I would use it as it isn't wireless? The one that I currently have is ok but where I have mounted it doesn't allow for easy face tracking. I want to stick one on my little robots head which will make hime more user friendly.

In the pics, the front says "10x Optical Zoom". Does turning the front ring adjust the focus or zoom?