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Adding More Files To The Mp3 Trigger


In the ARC program, The MP3 Trigger function lists only displays 100 mp3 files which can be triggered. A 2 gig SD card can hold up to 500 files, how can I get the ARC to recongnize and display more than 100 mp3 files? I would like to use more than 100 mp3 files say about 200.



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@GotRobbed The maximum number of files that the mp3 trigger can hold is referenced in it's datasheet. As for ARC using EZ-Script, you can play up to 250 (which i think is the limit of the trigger, or maybe 254 is the limit).

If you want to have 250 buttons for the control, then i can add that to the list.
You're the button machine! Alright, i'll do it:)
I was thinking with 250 answers the number of questions could be really high. I haven't even looked at that part of the software yet. I know some would trigger with some kind of movement command and the rest could be used for robot conversation. J.W. :)
Would it be difficult to ask a robot "What time is it?" and have it say the current time? Or the date/day of the week?
I would be better if I could say "Robot get me a beer" and have the robot respond "By your command Imperious Leader" and then have it go get me one.

Any way for us to set/change the labels on the buttons?

It would be cool to be able to label them Whistle, Alarm, ect.

I've got all my R2 sounds ready to go as well. Just waiting on my Sparkfun order to arrive.
It works really great for the R2 units
I'll probably run a script for randoms, and voice command for specific

I keep catching a little bit about it's audio jack and grounding issues.

I'm hoping my ground loop isolator will work ok with it. I'm running a
Sure 2x15 Amp.
I too am running scripts for random sounds and certain sounds and voice commands and other functions. Hopefully a video coming soon.......

Here is my audio setup: I have the MP3 Trigger V2 connected and powered by the EZ-B Controller...

Then from the Mp3 Trigger V2..... I have a Sure 2x25 by a 1/8 audio jack(with a ground loop/ noise suppressor) .....the Sure 2x25 is powered by 2-12V 18Ah battery with a 2mp fuse buss.

A wire diagram to follow coming soon....,