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Adding D Or V Entries Into Port Summary Control

Greetings DJ, this bug is very very minor. Adding a D10 or V10, the entry is placed in the Port summary list after D1 or V1 as in D0 D1 D10 D11 D2 .....etc same for V entries These entries should/could be listed in order ie D10 following D9 etc

I could very well live with this as I know your time is well used for "bigger issues". Perhaps one of your other team members could tackle this issue :)
If you wish I could complete as "solved" to get it off the "nagger list" :) I do really appreciate !all! your hard work. Glen


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Thanks for letting me know. Windows sorts that way, it's really silly. I could come up with a custom sorting function - which is what i'll have to do... i'm going to add this to a minor repair because it'll be a bigger job than what it's worth :)

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I tend to use the notepad control to list the ports. While it doesn't show them in the config windows it can at least put them in the right order.

If memory serves me correctly the port summary can be copied to clipboard, you could then paste it into notepad (or similar), reorder it the correct order, copy it again and paste into a notepad control. Throw the notepad control to one of the sides and it should be visible when any config windows are open too so you can still read it and find out which port does what.


Cool! Thank you DJ and Rich! This issue for me, has been resolved Rich!:) actually both, thanks so much