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Adding Autonomous Mapping Code To Omnibot

Hello all,
I have started to build my litle robot and have been palying around with the controls and have managed to sort out the servos, camera, sonar etc. What I can't work out is how you add the source code samples, in particular the Omnibot one (which I downloaded) into the EZ-B. I want to make the little blighter alive and start to let him explore his suroundings.
I've watch the youtube clip of DJ Sures omnibot exporing his suroundings but I can't find much info on how to do this.

Hopefully this isn't the silliest question on this forum!


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With our robot "Bob" we simply use the ping sensor with collision detector and away he goes, roaming and reversing away from objects as he detects them. I know you can add code to refine his travels but that's a bit advanced for me. You may need to tweak the Ping Radar and collision detectors to suit his roaming distance. As DJ demonstrates, a nice feature is to have the Ping sensor mounted on a horizontal Servo. This way you can have his head turning from side to side in radar-collision mode - looks cool.

Hope this helps

Hey Hazbot,
I've been messing about with the ping detector (def a lot easier than code!) I have to refine it a little, the sensor itself is on a horizontal servo so that little sucker is going back and forth and seems to be working well.

Thanks for your advice - really appreciate you taking the time to help.


Could i borrow some information from you. Your robot bot goes around detecting and avoiding objects with the ping radar. Mine runs all over them. But, shows the objects up on the screen in the form of a red dot. I would like to know what we are doing different. could you post your EZB file so I can see what your settings are?


Thanks in Advance,