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Add Second Camera Video Into Synthiam Window

I have a ez-robot camera that I am using for all the pluggins it is capable of.  What I want to do is take a third party wifi camera and add that cameras video and sound to the ez-builder program. Is this possible? To keep it simple, if sound is a problem I can use the ezb camera for sound.  Both camera's will be on at the same time.  If not possible, I can add it outside the ezb program on the computer screen but would like to have it in the ezb program.

I hope this provides the info you need to answer my question.


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#1   — Edited
Hi is this what you mean?

I started ARC with my JD robot attached. The camera works fine through the robot.

Then I added a second camera on ARC and I plugged in a USB  camera, as a second camera. it works also

Two cameras working, one on the robot and one in the USB on my laptop - They are both seeing two different things, they both have video and audio. I don't have a wifi camera to test, It seems that will work also, but I can't test that.

Is this your question?
Yes thanks EzAng.  Yes I want to put two camera's on my robot and have both screens in ez-robot application.
you could ad a lotiny for a second camera.
I could but I want to put a 1080p wifi video camera on the robot and still use the Ez-Robot camera for all the apps.