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Asked — Edited
Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Adc Scripting

I installed the latest EZ Builder today and fired up InMoov. I ran a script with this in it;



and got this error message

Error on line 5: ADC_Wait requires at least 4 parameter. You passed 3.

I uninstalled the current EZ Builder and re-installed a version from 1/18/2016 and that code ran fine with no error message.

What is it looking for?
I also noticed that in the current version, the following now throws an error message;


Servo (D0,125)

It no longer accepts the space between "Servo" and "(D0,125)", as it did in previous versions. Just thought I would point that out, don't give a rough time about sloppy coding.

1) adc_wait has been fixed for the next release - thanks for pointing that out!

2) correct, tightened syntax for proper programming has been implemented with the latest compiler. the bracket and function name must be one word. This was implemented to begin correcting the improper program formatting and syntax that has been rampant on the forum. Sure, you can wrap everything in brackets, but that's not proper programming for example (from another forum thread). So tightening the syntax formatting restriction so everyone's code looks and runs the same. Place your brackets against the function name.:)
Thanks DJ, It looks like I'm going to have to clean up some coding!