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Resolved Resolved by Rich!

Ad Id To Port

is it possible to chow the id number to in this port?
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United Kingdom
Doesn't "port edit mode" display the ports?
its like in the pic

sorry found it.is there a page whit the ports for jd on?
User-inserted image
Rich was referring to the top right corner where it says "Port Edit Mode"... Check the box and see what it does....

***EDIT*** That's it... Rich solved it for you....
ah thank you RR
and rich .
is there a page whit id numbers on from jd?
User-inserted image
United Kingdom
If you go through the instructions which pop up when you open the JD project it tells you which servos and accessories connect to which ports.

If you open up the designer when you have opened the JD project you can click on any part and it will tell you which ports need connecting to which piece.