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About Speech Generation

My files run fine on the desktop but when I imported ezb files from the past, they don't run the same as they did. They sort of pronounced the spelling of the word instead of the word itself. My guess is that the script syntax has changed in this newer version.

I was getting her to pronounce "Si" which I meant to say "See"

and also "Sie" which I meant to say "SEYE". But, instead, she says "S-E-Y-E" and spells it out instead of saying it phonetically.

I know it is a wierd question, but I wanted to know if this has happened to other people lately.


Thanks, Mel


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That'll be down to the voice. All voices will attempt to pronounce phonetically, some voices are better at it than others. Occasionally you'll want to misspell a word so it sounds right.

Which voice are you using?

SEYE for example is spoken as "Sigh" by Jarvis but if I change the voice to Anna she spells S E Y E. She doesn't realise it's a word so is spelling it out. Similar happens when Jarvis says the band name AC/DC, he will say "Ackdc" but Anna will say ACDC


Yep, that is what I am using, anna. There were other voices on my desktop and I could make it work better.

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You will need to install those voices or experiment with spellings and words to make the correct pronunciations.


Window 8 has other voices than windows 7.... could that be your problem? Anna is the default (and only one to my knowledge on Win 7)... Windows 8 has a few... David is one, I believe..

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My W3 (Windows 8.1) has Hazel (British), Heera (Indian) and Zira (US) but I believe there are many others which you can download and add to Windows 8 from MS.

If you want a decent voice I can recommend CereVoice voices, they pronounce words very well (watch any of my Jarvis videos, he runs CereVoice William). They aren't free (they are quite expensive) but they are worth it.

As far as I know you can't copy the Windows 8.1 voices to Windows 7.


oooh... I like William.... I might buy him... Thanks Rich

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William is my Jarvis, it's about as close as I could find to Paul Bettany for a synthetic voice. Pronunciation is awesome too

Anyway I digress:) (More on Jarvis coming later on in the year possibly)


Shall I assume it is a download? Also, can I use it on more than one PC or is it reg'd to just one?


.... and I agree... Cereproc voices are the best I have heard yet...