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Able To Track Object Within All The Same Colors

Hi Everyone,

Will it be possible to track object of the same color around it? Eg. Having a red pen and a mouse.

Will I be able to write out a script for the Robot to grab the red pen instead of the red mouse?

Thank you everybody! ;)


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You will have to try to use object tracking and set the pen as a custom object. Also if your question on Color in c# is answered you should mark it and give credit to the person who had help you the most


My answer to you is probably not. Color tracking, looks for a specific color. If you have a red object and the background is also red, color tracking will see the red of the object and background.

Did you ever see the movie "West World" or "Predator"? In West World a killer robot using rough color and movement tracking looses sight of a person in bright light. In Predator the alien's color and heat vision looses tracking when the human he is hunting blends in with the mud. The same thing will happen to your robot if you rely on color tracking.

An alternative would be to use Object Tracking and teach the robot the object you want to track. Custom Objects in ARC has not worked well for me yet. I have found RoboRealm vision software to be more robust in the area of Object identification. RoboRealm does have a built in link now to work with EZ-Robot. If the Custom Object function in ARC does not perform as you need I would recommend you try RoboRealm.

You can write a script to make your robot pick up anything you want it to, as long as your robot can see it, grab it and lift it. :)


@JustinRatliff Thanks for your reply! So I would have to use my camera to train the robot to recognize the object before being able to track it? As I dont have the robot so far yet, it is possible to use own laptop's webcam instead?

Thanks (:



As I dont have the robot so far yet, it is possible to use own laptop's webcam instead?

Yes, but.... The variations in resolution and color reproduction on different cameras may cause you to need to re-train for different cameras. You could certainly experiment with the feature with your webcam, but I would not spend a lot of time training beyond proof of concept until you get the camera you will be using in your project.



Thank for the replies!

How do I go about using my laptop's webcam for the project? As in how to make it connected to the project?



The laptop's cam will appear in the list of available camera's in the ARC camera control.... Just select it and click start...


@Richard Thanks for the reply! I have managed to use my laptop to train an object, not very sure if I have done it correctly. How will I be able to write in the EZ-Script to track that particular trained object?