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Arcs 6 Servo Arm

I am thinking of purchasing the 6 servo arm from Ez-Builders store (very cool arm) however the only measurements I find is that it is 50cm long. I was hoping someone can let me know if they have more specifications on it like how wide the claw opens (can it grip a 12oz beer) and how strong it is (can it lift a full 12oz beer) this would help on future robot designs.

Also I think it would be cool if there could be a teaching GUI to create a script for it. Like the servos range are 0-100 as a standard,

COMMAND 1 raise the shoulder from 0 to 50
COMMAND 2 extend the elbow from 0-25
COMMAND 3 open the grip from 0 to 100 as 0 would be fully closed and 100 fully open
COMMAND 4 move robot forward 6" so the grip could move around the can
COMMAND 5 close grip from 100 to 80 (around beer can),
COMMAND 6 find it's master and give it the beer.

After it was trained, save the script as "GET ME A BEER".

Not sure if the virtual robot program can do this but it may be a start once I get the arm if it meets my requirements. I have the Stacker arm now but it only has 2 controling servos, arm up and down, and claw open and close.
Thanks for any help.


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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The EZ-Robot Arm will not be able to lift a beer. It's well constructed and priced to be an interactive physical extension for your robot. If you'd like to lift heavy objects (a beer would be considered heavy), then there are more expensive compatible solutions available from other manufactures. However, I do like the way you think! A beer fetching robot:)

The Virtual Robot Program is made for viewing your robot's servo positions and digital ports. It can be used for real-time interactive control and adjustments, but it is not used for programming.

Virtual Robot Tutorial

The control you would want to use is Auto Position. With Auto Position, you can create many positions for your robot appendages. If the beer has a HAAR cascade created, or is labelled with a known Glyph, then the Auto Position can move the arm into gripping position, and the camera tracking can take over to find the can using servo Relative Tracking.

Auto Position Tutorial
Hey thanks DJ that will help alot on the auto position, However I still would like to get the specs on the arm for future robot apps.
Thanks again.
Certainly! I know there is a video in my to-do list for the arm. I think it's scheduled for this weekend:)
Any chance I could get the specs on the arm?