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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

ARC Monthly Pricing Question

I had a fellow robot builder looking to start using ARC with an EZB ask me a question I couldn't answer. He said he couldn't figure out what the actual monthly subscription pricing was after looking on your subscription page. On the cover page it says "As low as" 8.99 a month. Then on the next page it says 17.99 a month with no other options. Could you explain so I can pass it on?

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If you purchase an annual subscription, it works out to $8.99 / month. Which is 50% less than going month by month

$107.89 / 12 months = $8.99
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Ahh! OK, I get it. LOL. The wording seemed a little confusing to us. 

Thanks. I'll pass that on.
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They say math is a lost art :D. I had the math added to the plans page for ya just now 

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When did the pricing structure change? I pay monthly and it was $9.99. When did it go up to $17.99? And where was the notice there was going to be an increase?
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It doesn't apply to you - you are on an existing monthly plan prior to the increase. Anyone on the original plan maintains that original price when we launched :). That price was changed quite a while ago because it was only low at the beginning for all the early subscribers (like you)
I dropped my subscription for a month while I am building a robot. Does that mean if I start again I will have to pay the higher price?
Unfortunately it does - annual is the way to go:)
Dang DJ, that's tough. When was this announced? How was it communicated that if you drop a month your price will double? As a Pro Member I did not receive any communication say hay watch out, our prices are going up. Why are these changes that massively affect your user base being slid out on the down low? As an early adopter (maybe even in the first 10, I don't know) I would hope that you would have mentioned something to your paying numbers. I searched the forums here and saw no mention of it. There is no Pro User newsletter that I am aware of or at least never received. With a simple notification I would have been alerted not to drop a month. So now cost is double for me like I just hear of you and haven't been here for years. 

I am in conflict posting here as I was one of the first to jump aboard and was a cheerleader for it. But dang, you are leaning hard on your customers and your communications about pricing changes honestly seem flip like you don't care at all. It is making it hard on the hobby robotics community and those that wish to develop with Synthiam. 

DJ, I confer it is good that you have found a way to monetize your platform but remember there are tech sides and customer relation sides to your business. You are nailing one of those.

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Although i still pay $9.99 i must agree with Perry on that. I understand that monetizing more and faster through anual subscription is better for the company but as far as i know there was no pre warning to the community..
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Are you able to visit your stripe dashboard and simply reactivate the existing payment subscription? Try that first and let me know
No, it kicks me back into the main billing page.

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Well, I do see that Teams and ARC Runtime are free, only the Early access has the pay subscription..So I think DJ is doing a wonderful thing here!
I must admit, I went monthly because I won't use ARC during the summer.  In Canada we are locked in doors over winter but everyone loves to go away in summer.  So I did the math and if I dropped 2 months monthly was cheaper. I guess that just changed.
Dave, more like a bucket of rattlesnakes, better set B9 to personal protection mode.