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ARC Windows 8.1 No Minimize, No Maximize, No Resize, No Move

I have windows 8.1, i've attached a screenshot of the desktop, with ARC open over other windows applications.

I don't have close, minimize, maximize buttons on the ARC window, neither i can move the window or resize.

User-inserted image

maximize, minimize or restore is only possible via the ARC application buttons.

I don't see the ARC's windows frame

User-inserted image

is this normal ?

It's very annoying and is a pain to access other applications in the desktop.


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Definately a bug, whether it is windows or ARC. Maybe a full screen bug?


Maximized or not there are no windows frame, maximize or minimize buttons.


This is like a windowed-border-less mode. It is strange it occurred out of nowhere though. Not sure how to get it out either.


try choose controls in ARC and then smart arrange



the issue is not inside ARC.


I believe it has been like this since the UI redesign over a year ago. You can put it in full screen (maximized) by going to Options/Preferences, then use alt-tab to get to other applications (when running on Windows 10, I put it in its own virtual desktop so it is not sitting over other applications).

One of those weird UI things that I have never bothered to complain about, just work around, but it is a bit strange.



but when is not maximized how do you move the window ?

that is the annoying part.


Hmm... I was mistaken in my previous answer. I just turned off full screen mode and I have a normal border/header/and control buttons. Moves, minimizes and maximizes just fine on my Windows 7 and windows 10. I don't have a Windows 8.1 machine anymore because Windows 8.1 sucks:)

I wonder if there is some key combination that removes the border or if this is unique to Windows 8.1.



Until we figure it out, try Windows-up arrow to maximize, windows-down arrow to restore or minimize, and windows left or right to pin to half the screen.



It's possible that the border is still there but shrunk down to 1 pixel. This is supposedly the min border width windows allows. Why this would be just with this one window, who knows. Perhaps if you carefully click the mouse right at the very top of the window you might be able to grab it. If it is that problem, there are many articles on the web for changing the border size that could help restore it.


Please visit the preferences menu in Global Settings of ARC and uncheck "Full Screen"