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ARC Updates

I was just wondering about the ARC software updates, I have been prompted, and I have updated to the next version six times in the last seven days. Is this correct? The latest one being 2014.09.16.00 The almost daily updates started for me at 10.00 to the current 16.00 It just seems odd to me and that it would be updated so frequently with no mention of it on the forum



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There is always a mention of updates on the forum as there are release notes which explain what has been updated. These can be found here.

The latest version is 2014.09.16.00

Previous versions this month are; 2014.09.13.00 2014.09.10.00 2014.09.09.00

When you download the update be sure to install the update, this is not an automatic process. If it is saying there is an update available then you are not running the latest version.

It isn't uncommon for DJ to push out multiple updates in a week. Before the Revolution DJ was pushing out new features and updates daily or 3 or 4 times a week regularly.


Steve, that's the excitement of EZ-Robot! You get new features often, and for free! Gotta stay on top somehow:D And that's how we do it! Without sleep lol

As Rich stated, you can view the release notes by following his link or by filtering on the Release Notes tag on the forum.

Release Notes is a common used term for notes of software updates, also called Releases. Each time there is an update, we write a release summary. You can find the summary of each release in the Release Notes Tag.


Rich, DJ

Thanks for that, I thought it might be unusual or I was doing something wrong... mainly I thought I was doing something wrong. I have been installing the updates, I just didn't realise they can change so often. feel much better now

Thanks guys