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ARC To Text

Can the graphical interface of ARC be converted to a text file? What I mean is can I somehow convert my program in ARC to a script without coding it myself. Sort of like how with web design editors (WYSIWYGs) you can design the page in a graphical interface and then export the code in (X)HTML.



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I seriously doubt it without coding it yourself ... The graphical controls make it easy to do many things (instead of crunching code)... Not too many people want to do things the hard way unless you need something specific that a particular graphical control doesn't do or support... Saying that, If you are good at ez scripting you can simulate what a lot of the controls can do with scripting...

There is also the C++ SDK if you really got a hankering for crunching code...:)


Thanks. I thought there might be a way, but I guess not.

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The .ezb file is XML based however it's not something I would suggest playing with. What's wrong with using ARC to create an ARC project? (It's needed to run the project after all)

If you wanted to you could use the SDK and program it all in C# but you would be re-inventing the wheel unless you have a real need to use the SDK and C#


To foxn : i have been thinking about that too. something that would let my baby girl program with drag and drop.

I will work out a simple prototype and see how much work is involved.