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ARC Mobile

Where do I find the iOS download for apple devices for the ARC Mobile, I can only see the download for
Android. Although in the blurb it mentions for iOS iPhone.


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United Kingdom
iOS version is not released yet.

The iOS version will only work for the V4 which hasn't begun shipping yet so it would be pointless having the app already. As far as we know EZ-Robot is working on the app and it will be available sometime after the V4s begin shipping, no date has been given yet.
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Thanks, V4s being ? Is that the version of Bluetooth on iOS?
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Hey cem,

The v4 the guys are referring to is the EZ-B v4 wifi controller board that is about to start shipping.... Read up the details here.....

EZ-B v4 link

It's frickin awesum ! Trust me you need to buy one straight away !


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OK, understand now, the link doesn't work, but I have seen the EZ-B v4, and yes it will be fantastic once released!

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Be aware that the price is currently a discounted pre-order price which will be going up in March so if you are going to get one it will pay to pre-order it as soon as possible:)

Also be aware that the iOS version will still require a PC in order to build the robot app which the iOS version will load.

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Thanks, yes realise you need a PC to build and upload the App.