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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

ARC Glyph Tracking

I was wondering if anyone is having issues with glyph tracking?
I just downloaded the ARC software going from EZ builder. The 1st thing I noticed was all my Blockly code in the buttons in the remote control interface had changed to an XML string. The next thing was the sayEZB commands in the glyph tracking scripts were not working. I decided to delete all these  controls from my project and I added a new camera device control and setup the glyph tracking to use a say command. Now only the #1 glyph script will trigger. This happens even when the  other three glyphs are shown so it seems like it recognized all the glyphs as the #1 glyph.
Thanks for any help.

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I can confirm there is a bug with the glyph tracking - thanks for letting me know. I fixed it and will publish a fix in the ARC beta channel this evening for ya:)
Thanks DJ,
My son and I will be glad to try it out on our home made Dinotrux doing their version of a Easter Egg hunt. Trying to incorporate some robotics into his school work since the pandemic. 
User-inserted image
Ha - that's awesome! One thing that's neat about the glyph's now is there's a variable for rotation. So you can get the rotation of the glyph for better navigation. It's pretty wild
Hi DJ,
The glyph detection is working great with the new release, however I think I've found another issue with Blockly IF statements.
I created two global variables using the $ prefix. I then had these set to true when the glyph is detected. I watched everything in the variable watch control and they changed as they should. I then used an IF statement to compare them and then DO a sayEZB command. This wasn't working so I made some scripts using the "Script Collection" control that would set the variables to False and another to set them to true. I then created script in the control with the IF statement and it still would not work. I then Just tried using one variable at a time compared to "true" and that would not work either.
Here are some screenshots of the code I used:
User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Thanks again for your help.
Thanks DJ.
Tried out todays beta and all is well in my robot world again. Looking forward to trying this out with my son tomorrow.