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Hi DJ,
I have a great intrest in robotics, but have never really done it, except for LEGO Mindstorms. But, I like remote control over programming. So, I surfed the internet and recently discovered EZ-Robot and been spending some time putting together a plan for my first robot. Then I thought of the downloading for EZ-Builder, and noticed it "Requires Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 or higher" and in the FAQs, it says "EZ-Builder will run in Parallels in Windows on a Mac but not in OS/X." What does that mean? My family only has Macs now, so how do I get EZ-Builder? If not, can you recommend another program that runs on Mac and is compatible with the EZ-B? I appreciate taking your time to read this.


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ARC and EZ-B are joined at the hip:) You will not find other software to control DJ's brainchild robot controller... nor would you want to, this combo is truly EZ:D

I haven't joined the "Dark Side" and only use Windows PCs:P but what the FAQ is referring to is that you would need to run a licensed copy of Windows (preferably Win 7) in a "virtual PC" environment within your Mac, using something like:
Parallels Desktop
Or a dual boot option using:

I believe there are a few Mac users here that can weigh in with more authority on the best option based on the model of Mac and OS version you are running.
Ya I looked up a video to do it with Bootcamp but the comments have many people saying it didn't work in some parts of the download and installation. So, I'm not sure if I should risk it. Thank you though for responding. :)
Do you know of any other programs and robot controller like the ARC and EZ-B that work for macs?
EZB is a "ONE of a KIND" Unique hardware and software in the whole Universe.


D.J. could tell you more. It seems like it would run under the virtual windows on a mac.
Has anyone tried running it under parallel desktop?
@elfege It's a 2 year old thread.... He may have already found a solution...:P
I haven't myself - my wife doesn't let me use her Macbook;) , but there are reports of it running well under Parallels. In fact, better now with the WiFi V4 than trying to get Bluetooth working in a virtual machine.

Ok good because my School is working on the dark side so I'll have to use parallel. Alan, install teamviewer on ur wife's laptop!:D
We have some staff and LOTS of schools that use parallels on a mac with ARC. There are no issues because it's a real windows installation running.