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ARC 4Wire Hbride Pwm Movement

FIRST, I just want to say THANK YOU for providing this package! This thing is AWESOME! Makes setting up/controlling servos a joy. And especially for a newbie like me, I love being able to just jump in and start hooking things up and drag/drop widgets on to dashboard and all works wonderfully.

I have the EZ robot controller v3 and latest release of the ARC GUI for Windows. For the motor controller, I'm using MegaMoto Plus for Ardunio H-Bridge motor controller. For the base/robot, I'm using it to drive a Shoprider electric wheelchair.

Now, when i run he motor controller via Ardunio, it turns on the enable pin and controls the motor by doing PWM on the A & B pins -- All runs/sounds great.

When I connect the same motor controller to the EZrobot board and use your 4-wire HBridge with PWM controller, it looks like it's doing something different. -- Instead of PWM the A&B pins, it PWM the enable pin. Now, it works but sounds different.

My question/concern since you are doing PWM the enable pin, isn't that going to cause a massive current inrush to the motor? Will that also eventually cause issues with the motor controller? Why did you choose to PWM enable instead of the A&B pins?

Thank you for your help Jim

PS: I'm looking to buy another EZcomputer (thank you for dropping the price on v4). BUT, was wondering if you could share what is to be expected for v5 and when it might be relased?


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What V5? What makes you think a V5 or a next generation V4 was going to be released? Dude the V4 has only just basically been released so it's going to be around for a while.... I highly doubt a EZB5 is in the near future.... So get your V4 while they're hot....:)

Even if there was a remote chance a V5 was in the works, EZ Robot wouldn't tell us as it would kill sales of the v4, right....LOL


Pwm on the enable pin is the way hbridges are designed to be used. There is no current issues by using enable pin or the a/b. It's the same thing either way:)


DJ: WOW, Thank you for you prompt reply! OK, just wanted to be sure since the motor sounded different and one of the guys at work was telling me that PWM the enable could cause problems -- I guess he was wrong.

Richard: true, they wouldn't divulge future plans if it is way off, but doesn't hurt to ask. But, I didn't know how long v4 was out and I would have been frustrated if i purchased it and then couple months later they come out with a newer version.;)

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Everything you need to know about the L298n H-Bridge (and others which follow similar logic) is here


@jgustafson You'll be safe with the V4 for a while.... EZ Robot still even supports the V3:)


@Rich: Thank you very much! I really appreciate the support. I have 2 concurrent builds going on (SQUIRREL), and really excited to see how they turn out.

@Richard R: OK, good to know thanks again. Yeah, i absolutely love these boards.