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A Spy Tracking Toy Donated From My Son!

I got my hands on a "spy tracker system" from my son because the "main station" broke down and maybe there is ton of possibilities to use this with the ezb? :D

Basically this toy has four parts.
1. One main station whith includes a speaker and a light.
3. Three smaller wireless detectors (infrared?)

See pdf:

Any ideas of what can be used with the ezb'? :D
There are only two wires from the ir-detectors to the board. (see pictures below)

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Most likely Infa-red LED's. You could build a really tripped out spy system with that!
Hmmm! thats a pretty neat toy. I don't know what it does though? Hahaha, can you give me an intro? Maybe i'll think of something:D
I found this Demo Video its done by a kid so you cant expect a full explanation on how the electronics work, but it does give you a pretty good idea on how the product works.