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A Very Roli Christmas

I wonder what's in here..

User-inserted image

After a bit of hassle with the delivery guy I was finally able to pay the import duties and pick up my Roli:)

User-inserted image

Looks like it's already been opened, probably the customs or the sticker just lost its grip due to temperature changes on the plane ride here.

User-inserted image

All of the parts neatly laid out in the foam packaging

User-inserted image

And here it is, completely assembled. Worked like a charm right away!

User-inserted image

It took my dog a while to get used to Roli's buzzez and beeps. That tiny speaker is REALLY loud;)

In the end, I think they got along just fine..

User-inserted image

I'm amazed by the progress the EZ-Robot has made since my internship one and a half years ago. I really appreciate all the effort that you put in the design, from the custom drivetrain to the excellent packaging. It was definitely worth the wait!
To DJ: Great management. Your crazy amount of travelling back and forth to China has paid off;)
Cory: Awesome mold designing:D
Jeremie: Fantastic bit of engineering! You must've spent a lifetime in the CAD software
Jason: Thank you for the amazing support. I'll have an extra chocolate sprinkle in your honor.
Rest of the team: Thanks for everything:)

I hope everyone else on this forum will be as happy with their Revolution robots as I am :D


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Thanks for the kind words Niek! We definitely put our all into making Revolution a reality, glad to see you are enjoying your Roli!

Thanks also for posting a video, we always love to see what people are doing with their robots and how they are using them.
I have also receive my ROLI yesterday and couple hours after my 3D printer FlashForge dreamer. (Santa have been very generous this year)

Tanks to EZrobot for the very good product.

User-inserted image
This is great to see! Love the video:D
This is so great to see! I absolutely love the picture of your dog and ROLI. So cute! :)
@Niek... Looks like Roli and your dog are waiting for a treat.... Just remember, Roli gets the batteries and your dog gets the cookie and not the other way around...:P

Funny that you mention that. I actually had Roli give my dog a couple of treats. That's why they get along now;)
What is your favorite revolution robot? JD, Roli, or Rover-JD?
I think mine would be the idea of having Zoe on an iRobot roomba base :). Or an InMoov with better servos and hands.
Mine would be my six hexapod, I readded a RGB block to it at a lower position so its wire wouldn't disconnect again.
I kinda like roli too but I don't have one, but Neik's Rover-JD looks awesome