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Resolved Resolved by chrissi!

A Suggestion For Chrissi

Chrissi, is there any way to change or fix a Subject Title of a forum thread? I don't know if it is a bug or not, but sometimes when I enter text into the subject line of a forum thread I am starting it is saved oddly. For example; the last thread I started should have been" Shuttling Down A Sabertooth". However it was formatted and saved like this: "Shutting Down A Asabertooth". I don't know if it was me or the web sites but it would be nice to get something like that fixed.

Thanks for your consideration, Dave


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Wow, day 3 and I've already got community requests! Lol. I still need to get acquainted with the system and I've got plenty of other work to do, but when I get a chance I'll look into it:) Thanks.
Let us know when you are ready for suggestions. I have a bunch:)

Thanks for the fast reply and willingness to look into this. I feel honored that I was the first to put in a request of you. I hope I didn't open the flood gates! *eek*
Looks like my job will be secure for a long time;)
United Kingdom
Here's one .... It was on my mind before we found out you had joined the team .... If you could select which contributed threads that you get email updates from. As far as I know its either all the threads you contribute to or none that you get email updates on. I wrote a comment in one of the XLRobot threads because the bot looked really awesome but now I get tons of XL emails through every day as it deservedly turned into a very popular thread..... they're great bots. I only really want to be updated about EZ threads though and it's driving me crazy as I'm getting more XL emails than EZ emails now. (No offence meant it's just it would be nice to opt out of email updates from specific threads). But it's just a nice to have so obviously just when you have a chance (if it's considered worthwhile).

Cheers and I hope you're having a great time in the new job !

Jay :D
way and try to chase her away guys.... sheesh let her get settled at least in first.... :D
I agree with Jay's and Dave's Ideas! @Jay What I did with my voluminous EZ Robot email was to filter them and put them in a separate Folder called EZ-Robot. They are sent there automatically and therefore doesn't swamp your regular mail! I use plain ole Yahoo! Once in a wile you can delete them when they get up to one million :D but save the more pertinent to you!