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I can well imagine an R2 unit projecting a plea for help....( help DJ! we need more Force from the servos and please send another update! ):) when they come down to 99$ thats when I'll give it a second thought! Thanks for the link Troy:)
There are a few slightly larger on ebay. I think they were near $140.
I have seen them for $99. I bought one some time ago that was $199. It was a great projector. But, I noticed that I had to convert all of my movies to the format that it wanted which was proprietary. Each movie took 2 hrs to convert, so I returned it. I didn't have that kind of time to convert the movies. That was back when I was working.

I think any projector that I would buy in the future would have to have an automatic focus. I think it was called a pico projector.

This is a nice projector! R2D2 would like it very much!

Thanks, Troy for the suggestion. You are always coming up with nice ideas.

This one is not quite $99, but it is very close.

pico projector

The model 102 was that one that I bought.

I think the one that you are showing here is the Best choice if one could afford it.