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6 Servo Robot Help Needed. (Ridable)

Hey guys
I just wanted to know how can I control 6 servos with a movement panel, I am a noob when it comes to servos. The front 2 are steering and the back 4 are not. This is gonna be a ridable robot! Call me crazy but I am still gonna make it. Please let me know how I can set this up.BTW I wanna use the arrow keys to control the servos.

Thank you for reading!


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maybe the roli is a good for starting ez,for theekchana.
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Skipped the last few posts but to answer the question of a Movement Panel which can be controlled by the arrow keys, you are looking at either the Custom Movement Panel (Under scripting) or the Auto Position Movement Panel (Under servo).

You will need to either script the correct servo positions or make the frames for the movements. Once that is done it's pretty straight forward.

Auto Position Movement Panel is probably the easiest option. Use the Six Example Project as a guide on how to use the Auto Position Movement Panel.
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Frames are what make up the action, think of frames of a cartoon being drawn.

You only need to make the key frames, as in the specific positions required, ARC will fill in the movement between the frames.

DJ has made a video of how to make movements and actions.

haha rich thats the video dj made for me.i knew it come in handy.
Can someone please make me a differently steering ez-b file? that would help tons!
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The tools and guidance is there to help you make your own projects, that's the beauty of ARC and EZ-Robot.

I can't speak for everyone but I personally only guide others to create and achieve their goals, I wont do it for you. It's easy enough to do it yourself if you watch the tutorial videos.

Also, a lot more information would be needed. Someone could make you a "differently steering ez-b file" but it probably wouldn't be what you need. We need to know exact details of the project, how you want it to work in great detail, which ports are connected to which servos, motors, sensors etc. and so much more.
Anyone wanna recommend a hbridge for me? someone recommended a sabertooth one.
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How many motors are you running?
What size motors are you running (i.e. how many amps each)?
Do you need positioning feedback?

The L298n based H-Bridges are great cost effective solutions for running two motors up to 5A however lack any position feedback. If running more than 2 motors you can use multiple H-Bridges and this would require scripting a custom movement panel.

The Sabertooth is more expensive however can handle a lot more current. With the addition of the Kangaroo control board you can also add in positioning feedback.

The TB6612FNG is a smaller and cheaper H-Bridge which works well for small motors, this is what I used in Melvin so runs the original Omnibot drivetrain without any problems.
Number of motors: 2
Size: Estimated 10amps.... 24V 250w
What do you mean positing feedback?
and also I am to have a caster controlled at the front controlled by a servo:) idk if that will make me have a custom Movement Panel as I really don't know how to script it.. but if you know how to script it and I need to use it, I would appericiate your help with the scripting.... and I might actually use the sabertooth depending on how this "custom movement panel" scripting is gonna go..
Motor I am planning to use: http://www.jojocycling.com/index.php?route=product/product&product_id=76747&currency=AUD&language=en

Thank you rich and everyone else for taking your time to help me :).
My advice for you since you don't have much experience in robotics is to start basic and small. Purchase the EZ Robot developer's kit and build yourself a small robot from the kit... The kit has everything you need save for a chassis to attach the wheels and ezb4 to... The experience you gain building it will allow you to build a bigger more complex robots.....
Richard, I have had ALOT of experience with arduino robots. But I never used motors or Hbridges with it:) or EZ-Robots I have the confidence that I can make this ima try my best:)
If you know EZ-robot scripting let me know:)
I don't think I have ever built a robot that didn't use motors or servos to some extent... What did you build with the arduinos? My way of scripting won't help you since it is specific the robots I create... A manual for a Honda wouldn't be any good for working on a Toyota... Albeit both are similar cars, they are still quite different in details... Saying that, ARC provides tons of example code to help you get started in scripting....

I can help with the Sabertooth (which is easy). Rich is the H-Bridge guru... But again a physical robot would really help with the coding....

I usually write my software after building my bot...
Richard so basicly all it is a caster at the front that is controlled with a servo and 2 wheelchair motors at the back and I wanna use the custom Movement Panel with it.....
Ok so what you would do:
Have the custom Movement Panel set to move both motors forwards and backwards(which, if using a sabertooth, you will have to put a serial code line for each motor, and each direction.) And along with the forward arrow have the steering servo go straight.

Turning: to turn you will need to make the servo turn in the direction you want to turn and at an angle you want. Setting up a joystick which moves a slide script would make this big bot turn smoothly. Along with the servo you'll need to slow down the motor your turning towards,or you'll just start peeling the front tire off the servo. (Think of a 2wd 4wheeler. If you lean back while turning, it barely turns, and if you lean forwards the inside wheel spins as you turn.)

Once you get that out of the way, you need to design the bot and think about these points:

-how will you power it? Most wheelchair motors pull 5-10amps each. This means if you want to go far you'll need lots of power(car batteries)

-how much weight will the motors be moving? You have to think of the chassis, your weight, your passengers weight, and the battery weight.

Hope this helps!
Ok, I think ima pause on this project for now and then start it again, after I have made a little robot with EZ-Robot:)
Its a good idea. Get yourself familiar with ARC and the ez-b and then go for the big bot. Why not try to make a mini version of your bot? Then you could just scale it up a few sizes. It would also help you realize the challenges you'll face.