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5Vregulator Ez-Bit

Just recently DJ posted about a new 5volt regulator ez-bit that will be on the shop soon(hopefully) and I drew a few questions from this:

1.For how many devices? Can it only handle 1? Or many?

  1. What are the specs? Amperage? Size? Ect.

Any info is great.

Thanks, Tech


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From what I gather it's an 3 wire inline regulator that was designed more for adding 5v sensors to the ezb4 board... If it is a LM7805 then it is good for about 1.5amp.... If it is an LM1084 then I think it would be good for around 5amps (not quite sure on this one).... If it is something else, EZ Robot might be able to help....

Having said that, I made a few of my own using LM7805s and LM7806s (which are 6V versions) that I use with servos ... the 7806s seem to run even heavy duty servos just fine....


I have some regulators lined up just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on anything.