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520Tvl 0.008Lux Color Video Mini Cctv Camera

Is it possible to connect a cctv which only has 3 wires pos. grn and video directly to the ez-boaed to by-pass using a USB to your computer?

Thanks in advance


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Have you already purchased that camera? Its an analog and will need a video capture card with digital to analog converter. That means it would be hard wired through a coax cable to the PC. Your best off either using a WiFi 2.4 GHz camera or a USB camera both of which connect to the computer.

Why not try a 2.4 GHz wireless EZ Cam? :)

You can unscrew the lenses and pop out the IR filter and that makes the camera IR sensitive. Then get yourself a fee IR 850 nm LEDs and those can be your night/ low light illumination. It doest take but a few of these LEDs to light up the viewing area in front of your robot and a descent sized room.

Edit @robotmaker video cables like RCA , BNC, cable TV etc are all types of coax . typically the rca video cables are RG58 or RG59 for long runs. Cable TV , Ham radio , Cab radio etc typically use RG6 coax. Analog closed circuit TV systems use BNC connectors and shielded RG6 coax because the can have exceptionally long runs with a solid wire core and shielding.
@josh there is no coax connection on a laptop or computer and composite video takes a rca plug that plugs in to a capture card
You can get one to plug in a slot for desktops,but for laptops only usb,i think there are wireless capture cards but at a high price.

REDIT 6-8 -2013 AT 3:45 PM
@JOSH mostly camera's only use shielded cables not coax,look at the back of your VCR they use shielded cables

COAX is for antenna's,i am thinking you meen shielded cables and calling them COAX
coax its a teflon tube with a stiff wire with heavy braided wire around it and has mostly a F connector or BNC connector on it.

A few video camera's use bnc connector and it may be coax,most board camera's use shielded wire with rca
HI DJ, Hopefully in the future you can add a camera feature. I know I WOULD BY ONE, I have 3 ez boards now.

Hi Josh, The wifi camera is too large for my needs. I may use them on my next project.

Keep up the awesome work DJ!
@ merne really the eZ can is too big? What size in the camera you are wanting to use? A spy camera?
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Yes, it is possible to connect a CCTV camera wirelessly and use with ARC software. CCTV cameras are composite video output so you can use a wireless video sender. I use this method on my robots

On the robot the CCTV camera is connected to a 5.8GHz video sender (transmitter) on the other side the video sender (receiver) is connected to an EZCAP (low cost video capture device) which then connects to the computers USB port

I have this working very well with ARC, I choose 5.8GHz rather than 2.4GHz because there is a lot less interference
@Josh, I'd like to know more about the IR thingy.

@Toymaker, that sounds nice , too. How is your AIMEC-4 coming along?

Also, the lighting in my apartment has a lot to be desired. Would the IR LEDS make it light up nicely, or would everything be green?

I don't know I've never used one in total darkness but if I remember back when I was playing with it that the IR did not show up green it was purple hue gray scale. I believe the green filter we see on TV and stuff is a special effect/ feature of the camera.
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Hi Mel, the AIMEC:4 is still under development, but I am now concentrating almost 100% of my time on the EZ:1 and EZ:2 robots as we think there is currently a much bigger market for an advance kit robot. The AIMEC:4 is an advanced manufactured self contained robot that we want to sell as an household appliance, I am convinced that in a few years household robots will be common, we now are thinking that we may be a bit ahead of our time on this, so most of our resources are going into the EZ:1 and EZ:2 robots. The AIMEC:4 will be completed and we plan to be selling the machine by 2016, I already have personally spent over £100,000 on the AIMEC robots development, its an expensive business.
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IR LEDs do this to the image:)
User-inserted image
Yup that's what I got with the can but using 850nm LEDs when I got close to something you could tell a slight purple hue. Its works well though as long as your aren't chasing a red ball lol
Hu Toymaker,

Do you have a part number for the 5.8GHz video sender (transmitter) and receiver?

Thank you!
@toymaker Good find,i will get one to compare to my usb video capture card.
I SEE its from china,and ebay its about $50.
Hi Toymaker,

Yes I will need the hacked pictures. I looked this unit up and I did not see a usb connector for the PC.

Thanks in advances.

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@Mike, as I explained in my original post you need to connect the receiver to an EZCAP (low cost video capture device) which then connects to your computers USB port. Here is a link to EZCAP

OK, now I get it. I am a little slow sometimes. Thank you Toymaker!
United Kingdom
@Mike, here is a photo of the hacked video sender.

User-inserted image

Using a low light level CCTV camera is a huge improvement on the Konig wireless camera, the one in the photo cost around £50 and has a quality glass lens and works down to very low light levels.

Hope this helps.