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If you want a 500 dollar printer just get a solidoodle. It's been around several years and lots of people have tips and tricks to help out. Anything brand new will have a lot of growing pains.


Thanks josh, first time seeing this. I got my eye on the solidoodle 2nd gen pro. Plus I dont have to wait for it to come out which is even better!


I'm brand new to 3d printing but I was able to print some cool things within 3 hours of pulling it out of the box...

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

ironman thumb

User-inserted image

ear pod on ironman helmet

User-inserted image


That is awesome! Whats the print time for 1 piece? Im really torn now. The solidoodle has a 6" all around print area. While the Da Vinci 3d printer has a 7.8" print area...


Pretty cool alright! For me, like amaralis and others who use their 3d printers for practical things is what I would print......The art figures and nicknacks I could do without. Just sayin.:)


It's a 6x6x6 bed and for 200 more you can have the 8x8x8 but honestly once you learn to use the software you can slice a project into pieces that interlock to make a larger model then superglue or epoxy the seams. So realistically it would take lots of print time however you could print a whole ironman suite.