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4Wd Omni Wheel Drive

Question for you guys. I know we are limited to one motion panel ( h bridge or continue rot servo) per EZ builder, but was wondering if you could get motion from connecting opposite motors on a set up like this so, you have essentially two drive directions and then diagonal motion activating both forward and reverse. Take a look here this has independent motion I believe from each wheel, but think you can get similar motions with just two channels?

4 WD Omni


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Just use the custom Movement Panel and (if using an h-bridge to drive 2 of the 4) tell the motors which direction to go based on the direction.
Yeah that's what i was hoping to do. Ok I'll order and giver a try.
@fxrtst - did you ever get one or something similar? If yes, any feedback?
No I didn't. Went with another solution.