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4 Pin Connector For I2c

I've been looking for something for months now but not found it.

I need a jumper wire that fits the I2C port on the EZ-B. 4 pin 0.1" spacing which plugs in to the EZ-B with the other end so it can push on to 4x0.1" spaced pins.

Any ideas what they are called or where I get them from?

I have made a few cables using pin headers but find they fall out of the I2C port which isn't great.

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as it's pretty much all that's left to do on Melvin's wiring and I want him finished by the end of January at the latest.

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EDIT: nevermind. Wrong one

Perhaps remove the header and hard wire it? or change the header to male and use this.

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Yeah they are the type I can find with no problems, and the single wire jumpers (just throw 4 together).

I'm guessing DJ used the different gender for I2C for a reason and I'm sure I've seen @Toymaker post a photo with what I want in it too.

I could knock up an adapter board that plugs in with 4 x 0.1" spaced pin headers to 4 x 0.1" pin headers, I have plenty to play with but I would prefer a nice simple cable.


Ok. Good luck and I hope to see more from your project in January.


Just to clarify you mean you need a 4 pin male version of the connector?

something i tried that seamed to work is using 18 to 22 Guage solid core wire and tin the tip with solder. That seams to stay put in the hole.

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To clarify, yes with ends like the breadboard jumpers have - however breadboard jumpers wobble about too much for my liking and I don't want to risk them coming out as the EZ-B is pretty much inaccessible once it's all done (I can get to it but can't see it without removing the rear half of Melvin's torso).

It's mainly a problem due to my OCD and being something of a perfectionist, bare wire pushed in a hole isn't going to meet my standards.

For now I'll just stick with my 4 header pins soldered to jumpers since they don't move around in there but don't look great (despite it all being hidden) but if anyone knows of a pre-made cable please speak up as that's what I'm after ideally. Failing that I guess I will have to save up for a JST crimper (which seem to be extortionate prices over here) and make up a suitable cable.

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Hi Rich, is this what you mean?

User-inserted image

I just solder the ribbon cable to a Molex 4 pin header then heatshrink wrap the solder connections this makes a very secure removable connection to the I2C port.

I can make one up for you if you want?


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Ah, I thought I had seen a pre-made one but I guess it was this, which is what I've done anyway but with pin headers, I'll grab some molex 4 pin headers next time I do a farnell order, which will most likely be just after Christmas (depending on how much more I spend in preparation for new years :D).

Thanks for the offer but it's not required, I can stop searching now:)

Thanks to all who offered advise on this.