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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

4 In One Orientation Sensor

I have purchased a 4 in One Orientation Sensor. My desire is to use the compass function.

Once loaded and running, I view the compass heading values in the Variable watch window.. The value fail to read correctly. I find when I set the device in 90 degree directions ( 0 - 90 - 180 - 270 - back to zero ) I get value that do not even come close to the set position., nor do they repeat. I have changed my location, and even tried it in a wooden shed without any potential magnetic interferences, and still it did not work.

Has anyone use this sensor and has been able to get it to display correctly?

My reason for buying this was for the compass only and I am disappointed to see it not work.

Ron R

The calibration is required each time - because it is not saved, yet. Also, the calibration continues to "learn" the longer the compass is used. So, if you continue to use it the calibration will become more accurate over time.

What can really screw the calibration up is large jolts or bangs. The compass will need to be re calibrated if that happens - this is due to the physics of a compass module and how it works - if they are jolted the calibration will be lost.

The drawing of how to calibrate does not imply the compass should be thrown in a figure 8:). Simply gently wave it in a figure 8 motion like you do with an iPhone when prompted.
Only had a little time for testing tonight, but the rounding function is perfect for my needs. I set it to 15 and it gives just the right amount of precision for navigation, and enough stability that I can trust my scripts not to overshoot their turn.


Wicked - it should come in handy the most with Roli because the PWM can be modified slightly for forward rolling turns to compensate for the compass variations.
Hi Alan,

Are your tests with the adventure Bot or Roli?

My goal is to get my adventure Bot to track on a compass coordinate until a ping distance then go to next step in the sequence script. The bot compass also is used to trim the straight line track by trimming the wheel servos. The compass also confirms turns are complete. Is this similar to what you are doing?

Ron R
I was testing with Adventurebot. I put an expansion cube off the front and then another on top of it and put the compass on that to get a little distance from the motors in the servos and any interference from the EZ-B itself.

My mid term goal is to put it in or on Roli.

Long term is a custom robot.