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3D Scaling

Looking for some helping scaling this file down to fit the front plate of a omnibot 5402. I have no experience in 3d files and figured i would ask here. Also thought it might intrest anyone looking to do the same or even considering something like it.

Nexus 7 cover


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What is the current size exactly and what size exactly do you want it scaled down to?


The current dimensions of the file are Height 9.46 and Width 5.73. I need it scaled back to a Height of 7.75 and Width 5.75. So not to far off . The top part where the camera is perfect, but the lower part is to long.


@Anthony It looks great but when viewing the model I get a bit of distortion? At the bottom of the bezzel

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Hi Anthony, I subscribed to your site but I have not looked lately. Did you begin or are you planning to do a video on scaling soon? I want to scale a Dynamixel servo (?) (I forget the real name) to a standard servo size. My goal is to maybe scale out Poppy (Richard R don't get annoyed at me...LOL) so I can use standard servos. Ron


Sooooo I finally got around to playing with this. Halfway through the print I realized it was going to be WAY bigger than I thought it would. So I cancelled it and looking for some help scaling the file again. What I would like to do I take piece of the original front bezel off

User-inserted image

and replace it with the new one. With the hopes that it looks like 1 piece. I would also like to be able to remove it to access the tablet. The tablet in question is

With the hopes it will look something like..

User-inserted image

Any help or thoughts comments on this would really help!


My thought is that anything you make is going to end up bigger than the original front of the OmniBot. With the tablet against the front from your one picture the tablet looks as wide as the omnibot and appears to be a hair taller.

From what I am seeing here, anything designed to totally cover that tablet and hold it is going to make the overall front bigger.


What was wrong with the .stl from Anthony, I know said "Way Bigger" but what does that mean? Do you have the half printed design? Can you show what it would look against the Omnibot front?


I used some pictures I found out of Anthonys Omnibot 3000 picture ,since I was at work and its really close to watch im trying to achieve. Here is what I have. User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

From the look of it. If I cut off the front of the old chest piece to the red line a new 3d printed bezel would hold the tablet and everything would come together. Its the perfect height as the original front piece and not as wide. I dont have the piece I printed off as I didn't let it get to far.


If you open the .stl you have (that was appearing too large) your software should tell you the size in mm. If you note down those measurements then measure the front of the Omnibot you'll know how close the size is to being correct.


@JustinRatliff Thanks for the tip going to try that when I get home!