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3D Printing Question

Hi, I wanted to know if anyone has has experience printing EZ bits. I downloaded the STL files. I found that they require supports. Then of course, you have to remove the supports. This leaves a messy surface. Without supports my Replicator 2 (using PLA) just spews filament out. I have leveled the build plate. Has anyone had experience with this? I'm new to both 3D printing and robotics so there's a good possibility I'm doing something wrong! Any suggestions?


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Are you heating the base plate ? PLA does not require a heated base. You might consider using some roll on glue stick found in the back to school section of your favorite local store.


No, the base plate is not heated. I'll try the glue stick. Thanks.


sand paper and exacto-knife is what you need. Support lines can be removed with these. The parts that I have printed from ez-robot require supports.


To help the print stick to a non-heated baseplate you can also cover it with blue painter's tape. I print PLA on a glass plate that I heat to 50 degrees Celsius. I use hairspray to help with adherence.


Aha - maybe that's the problem! Everything was fine with the original painter's tape that came with my MakerBot. I bought Home Depot Brand paper tape to replace it. It was a 'better deal,' I think that's when problems began....

I'm printing 'Six' parts. I've been printing with supports. It would be nice if printing could be done without them.


I forgot to mention I'm using a FlashForge Dual 3D printer with the glass plate heated to 50C and just the roll on glue stick.


Supports will always be necessary on anything you 3D print. Additionally, you should use Raft as well. The raft will ensure the part sticks to the build plate and also ensures a level surface.

The position of the part while printing is also an important dicipline. You must envision how the printer is working and rotate the part respectively.


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OK thanks everyone. You've given me a lot of things to try. I appreciate your support. - Tom


Thanks for the advice. I will try all of your suggestions.