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3D Printer Pla Extension Block

Hello All, I have an entry level 3D printer (XYZ Davinci jr) printer which has worked flawlessly for me printing some very detailed and cool stuff but I was wondering whether printing the extension block was advisable and whether you would print it solid (use a lot of PLA) or allow it to do standard honeycomb which seems fairly strong. I'd like to try it on JD's legs


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If you print anything solid, the dimensions will be off due to expanding from heat and variants in extrusion speeds.


You don't need to print anything at 100% infill.... 30% will be fine... experiment with shells as they contribute somewhat to proper part demesions....


The part has recommendable infill, which is suggested at 15%

Here is a link to the part with appropriate STL files:

Now, all printers are different - specifically across manufacturers and models. And that also introduces variants from different slicers as well. In the physical world, nothing is "always the same":)

Might take a few tries to see what works best with your printer - but hey, you got the weekend to play!:D


Thanks for all the help. Trying it tomorrow. Since even if I print them, I don't really know how to program JD to walk with the extra leg piece.