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3D Print With Printrbot

I'm a 3d printer newbie. I'm looking for a 3d printer with a budget <1000 usd, and open consumable materials, i found the Printrbot printers.

I have a few questions:

  1. How big are the ez bodies e.g. hexapod ? Can be printed in a 4x4x4 printer ?

  2. ABS vs PLA, all the pieces mention ABS, on the other side PLA is safer to be used in closed rooms, can the parts be printed in PLA, without losing resistance and quality ?

  3. Any feedback printing EZR parts with Printrbot printers ?



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The community primarily uses PLA just like we do at EZ-Robot. All the parts have been designed with PLA in mind, it allows for more flexibility and has the advantage of being biodegradable.

Here are the dimensions for the six body. You can also download the stl files in ARC and check for yourself:).

User-inserted image

*All dimensions are in millimeters.


It says somewhere on the website that they use only ABS. Oh, I remember now, it was on the EZ-Bit download page. But, NOW, It looks like they are using PLA exclusively. It must be a slight error on the website. But, I was confused at first also.

But, if Cory says PLA, I would go with what he says.


If a 3D printer can print ABS it should print PLA. These very with every spool but PLA melts at 180-220 degrees celcius. ABS melts at 200-250*. Just a note. my Solidoodle wont heat up past 230 and I've printed at 210-215 mostly. I've not done much with PLA yet.

I say vary by spool because my 1st spool of ABS (blue) I had printed at 210-215 great. I have a spool now (white) starts melting at 180.

*PLA is a very interesting material.and has no truly definable melting point. This is a good read.

I've had my 3d printer (Solidoodle2) for a few months and here's my feelings.

I too, was at a <1000 budget. Actually <800. I looked at prinrbot long and hard, even had a chance to get one that was only about a 1.5 hour drive away (I'm not known for my patience;) ) but Solidoodle won out. It wasn't a land slide but it wasn't close either. SD2 had a larger print area and better hot end&thermistor right out of the box.

Also the SD2 is open and easy to access. Adding better hotends and thermistors is very common though I haven't yet.

I have an update to do soon in regards to ez robots newer stl files but I printed a lot of the older ones.

To save me from repeating myself with a lot of typing you might want to give my thread a read.

Solidoodle 2, Ez Bits And My Other Adventures In 3d Printing.

I do advise doing some more shopping around though. There are quite a few printers in that price range available now that I'd have considered that were not available just a few months ago.

Like at least one other SD2 owner here (see my thread) I see myself going the Makerbot or Flashforge route as soon as I can afford it.

I hope this helps you out some.


Moviemaker, the injection molded parts are abs. That is a different reasoning than 3D printing material selection.

The part of the website you are referring to which mentions abs is the video on the home page.

That video is referring to injection molded parts. This conversation is regarding 3d printing.



Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately i can only choose one reply.

Probably next time i will spam multiple questions:)



my bad...


OK, I understand now. ABS for stronger gears by injection molds. But print the units in PLA because it gives you easier and better results.