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I think this is what they call #beastmode


@Stika- "Maximnize!" (or Terrorize if you prefer:) )

United Kingdom

I must often go in to beastmode if that's the case. What comes after beastmode? I think I've hit that a few times too:)


That's called "you should probably go home and sleep Rich"


@Rich, I think Stika is correct. I believe the technical term is sleep deprivation. The mind typically tries to "make sense" of things. That's the basic principle of how optical illusions work. Once you've been awake for a few days your mind no longer has energy to play the tricks it often does in attempt to "make sense" of things so, all you see is what is really there. The down side is that reflexes typically get slower. I'm sure there are quite a few folks here who have had their fair share of sleepless nights,


you can get serious depressions whit lack off sleep. it can be deadly in combination stress ,fear,panik attacks.gaming. in china died 3 young people whit lack off sleep and gaming. 1 female sailer was put to sleep to save her live,che was in a storm, whit her sailboot awake for 3 nights and 3 days. humans are strong but also very fragile. ones you pass the down side,you walking a dangerous pad. it may not kill you the 1.2.3. or hundred time,but 1 too many, and your gone.there are no symptomes ahead. you just drop dead on the spot. so be carefull guys,


i saw the early night some one fixing the 3d printer.looks like he was alone there. so i start thinking.suposed i boot my pc in the morning,go to ez site and see, some one lying on the ground at night.what can i do,who can i alert? is there any backup for those who works late?


You call EZ-Robot's local police. there was recently an incident where a girl was attacked while chatting on xbox live and the people she was chatting with called the police and the suspect was apreheded fairly quickly.


antron007 am in belgium i cant call .


haha @Jeremie is here of his own will. Canada Day, July 1st, is upcoming and he will take some time in the mountains with his family. Nobody will be on the floor here! Unless it's @DJ taking a nap


This post is not to be taken as official advice on behalf of EZ-Robot. I am just saying, as a person:)

If there truly is an emergency and you are worried about us, calling Calgary local police sounds like the thing to do. But please make sure it's an actual emergency. Don't want you to get in trouble for false reports:)


i will not call cause am in belgium,i cant call to other countries. but avery one knows what to do now . you never know,

thank you chrissi&stika

oh they live in bolivia

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United Kingdom

Open Roli up for control over the internet then we can use him to go poke whoever may be on the floor and check if they are in trouble or just sleeping:)


haha sounds great do.if dj is lying there we can use six.


@Nomad- You mean that you can not make international calls? What if you had family abroad? How would you talk to them? Sure, now we have the internet but, 10-20 years ago, the internet wasn't as available as it is now. I find it hard to believe that your country is isolated from the global community in that way. Sure it would cost a lot but I'd like to think it was an option. That being said, I don't know much about Belgium but I'd like to think you would at least have the freedoms that even the some of the most strictest of dictatorships have.

If anything, I would like to believe that if you called your local authorities and told them that you saw an emergency on the internet and gave them the location, that they in turn, would then notify the right people.

I honestly don't know and I hope my ignorance doesn't offend you.

P.S. That has got to be one of the most adorable creatures I have ever seen.


i dont have famely abroad.anyway the cost is to high here in belgium. am not offend.i like straight forwart answers and questions.:D yes he's cute