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2 Wheel Laundry Cart Via Modified Mip

Does this sound feasible?

My wife wants me to make her a laundry and grocery cart that can carry things from the basement to any level (via elevator) and return itself to the garage.

I'm thinking of making a 2 wheel balance bot by modifying a Wowee MIP to operate wheelchair motors that have been thoroughly covered in this forum. I'm thinking about using the EZ builder MIP controller and taking MIP's signal from the wheels and operating a 2x12 Sabertooth for the wheelchair wheels.

Am I overlooking any obstacles?

Thanks much, Bill


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The physics of an inverted pendulum do not scale well. I would look into the open-source Segway projects first. This is because the code within a MIP has parameters specific to the attributes of it's physical hardwaree


Later today I'll post the title of a book I have about building robots with Arduino. It has plans for a wheelchair motor segway which could be modified for this use. Then you connect the EZ-B to the Arduino with one of the UARTs to give it robot commands. Should be fairly simple to code ans I am sure Luis or one of the other coders who have Arduino experience here could give advice.

I think the idea is really cool.



I found the book. It is Arduino Robotics by Warren, Adams, and Molle published by Apress.

The project is a little more complex than I remembered because it has you building your own H-bridge. The book is a few years old so you may be able to find projects that use more off the shelf parts.



Glad I asked. Thanks DJ and Alan!

She's decided to sacrifice her Neato Vacuum cleaner to science for this project. So I plan to do a similar thing with it where I take it's signals and power wheelchair motors. I've already interfaced with it through the ARC's terminal package and can send commands and read it's LIDAR! So cool! This will make it really easy to return where ever and charge itself. I plan to leave the entire Neato case intact minus the wheels.

I'll post my results with videos.

All the best.


Cool. Looking forward to seeing the results.



You may want to consider just doing a 100 percent to scale 2 wheel balance bot, then add more features as you go. There are lots of DIY Segway projects out there that may be a good place to start your research.


I know a guy here in Calgary that has done a DIY segway with wheel chair motors, I'll send him a link to this thread and see if he'd like to respond.


I've decided upon a balloon gripper (invented at Cornell about 5 years ago) being that it can grip knobs and almost anything else for that matter. I'm not sure if it can pick up clothes other than shoes.

Here's a balloon gripper darting bullseyes and shooting hoops every time:

Here's the most elegant and light weight balloon gripper build I've found so far. Though others have recommended putting a small piece of cloth over the end of the 1/4" tube to prevent coffee grounds from being sucked into the motor:

Here's the pump and place I bought it:

I've also ordered some of the EZ Robot heavy duty lever servos and extensions for his arms but the store said they won't ship for a month.

Cheers, Bill



I've also ordered some of the EZ Robot heavy duty lever servos and extensions for his arms but the store said they won't ship for a month.

Might not be a month. The web site hasn't been updated, but I think all the pre-orders are caught up now, so they are starting to migrate into business as usual.

That balloon gripper is a cool idea.