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2.5 Amp Motor Controller

hi i have a h-bridge question

fist i did all the wiring http://www.ez-robot.com/Tutorials/Hardware.aspx?id=25 here
i installed h-bridge like in the tutorial
1) Connect L298 VCC to your battery supply positive
2) Connect L298 GND to your battery supply negative
3) Connect L298 +5 to a +5 pin on the EZ-B (in the diagram I used +5 from Pin D0)
4) Connect L298 IN1 to EZ-B Pin D1
5) Connect L298 IN2 to EZ-B Pin D2
6) Connect L298 IN3 to EZ-B Pin D3
7) Connect L298 IN4 to EZ-B Pin D4
8) Connect L298 OUT1 to Motor 1
9) Connect L298 OUT2 to Motor 2

then i opened ARC HBridge Movement Panel and i says

left trigger A
left trigger B
right trigger A
left trigger B

since i did everything it says shall i enter the ports like this?
left trigger A D1
left trigger B D2
right trigger A D3
left trigger B D4

thank you


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United Kingdom
Yes. If you find things are reversed just revisit the config and adjust to suit.
i have one more question about h-bridges i will control a 4wd rover with these i will use 2 to control to control 4 motors but i am not sure which motors to control which h-bridge what i am trying to say is there is 2 motors on the right and 2 motors on the left i will install 2 left motors to 1 h-bridge 2 right motors to another h-bridge shall install them like this or should i install 2 front motors to 1 h-bridge and 2 back motors to 1 h-bridge hope you understood what i am saying thanks
United Kingdom
1 controller will control 2 motors. If you want all 4 motors independently controlled you will need 2 controllers.

If the motors would not exceed the rated current of the HBridge you may connect 2 motors per output however both would do the same thing.
i want to control my 4wd dc rover with 2 h-bridges but i am not sure which motors to connect which h-bridge there will be 2 motors on the front 2 motors on the back i will connect front motors to one h-bridge back motors to another first h-bridge ports will be

left trigger A D1
left trigger B D2
right trigger A D3
left trigger B D4

second h-bridge ports will be

left trigger A D15
left trigger B D16
right trigger A 17
left trigger B D18

problem is ez-robot gives movement controls to only one h-bridge
i need a code to move both h-bridges at the same time

or can i use only one h-bridge to control 4 motors i dont want them move independently thanks
United Kingdom
2 HBridges gets a little more complicated as you can only have one movement panel. There is a topic which is covering this, give the forums a search for "HBridge". I'll see if I can find it when I get more time too.
or can i use only one h-bridge to control 4 motors i dont want them move independently thanks
United Kingdom
Put the left hand motors on the one output and the right on the other. Provided they don't exceed the 2.5A you will be fine.
one more question if i give more power to h-bridge would my motor spinn faster?
United Kingdom
Short answer, yes. Just check what voltage the motors can take before you throw a lot in to them.
thanks while we are talking about power i am thinking of powering my ez-b with a 3s 2200mah li-po battery would this burn the ez-b or would it work fine cheers
United Kingdom
3s is 12.6v fully charged (I think), it's below the EZB maximum input voltage so that should be fine. You may want to put a fan on the regulators though.
okay i will plug h-bridge to a sepperate battery would that make a problem? thanks rich
United Kingdom
Join the grounds together so it's a common ground and it'll be fine.
United Kingdom
Put a link across from one battery to the other and connect the grounds (usually black) together.
how can i change the speed of the h-bridge using ARC thanks