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16 Potentiometers And 16 Servos

What is the best way to hook up 16 servos to 16 10k potentiometers. It seems that the joy stick modual only allows 4 servos to 2 xy joysticks. I want use every aspect of a advanced joystick like yaw and different rotations. Maybe something seitek controller. Or make my own.

X52 controller


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I wouldn't connect analog pot's as joysticks to the EZ-B, that would defeat the purpose of wireless control.

I would connect the joystick to the computer and use the ARC Joystick Control. Since the maximum analog pots that DX Windows will support is 6, that limits you to 3 analog sticks.

You can connect more than one joystick to the computer.

Or, if you wish to switch the joystick between servo groups - look at the Example Project (Examples -> EZ Script ->Joystick Switch Between Servos)


DIY Mech?

Dear DJ, I have four servos working with four Pots though using USB joystick guts. Also DJ, I have 8 pots working using windows 7. The come up as throttle and yaw and other stuff like that. I also have an additional 16 buttons added and the EZ B detects them and seem to be OK(I have programmed them all to say something).

I know it has got to be possible. I also have a Steel Battalion controller (different project) I'm going to be testing and posting a video on this week or today some time. I ultimately want to make a suit using pots and my Makerbot 3D printer (custom parts for joint to potentiometers) that send singles to servos on a robot with about 16-20 pots. I plan on posting all of my findings here on EZ-Robot. Once I do that I then want to group function like you did in one of your videos and program them to this controller I have had sitting around since 2004. .

Essentially, I want to use the post to record my physical potions and experiment with different poses. Then program them to buttons. Once I have done that I'm going to use my CNC machine and make a cool light weight body. Maybe even make some glass molds as a project with my daughter of the bot once I'm done.