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Treat-o-matic 2020 Live Hack Part #2

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Let's make this Halloween contactless! With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, this Halloween is likely to look a bit different. To solve the issue of social distancing while giving out candy I figured, why not build a robot to do it!?! I'm going to hack a generic candy claw machine to dispense candy automatically to trick-or-treaters :D

Here's the plan:

  • Add some new wires to the motors and limit switches
  • Install the AtomicPi Windows computer inside the Candy Claw
  • Run a VNC program from my Laptop for easy access to the AtomicPi
  • Hack in a USB hub
  • Hack in an Arduino EZ-B
  • Hack in motor controllers
  • Hack in a Camera
  • Hack in a microphone & speaker
  • Hack in a proximity sensor
  • Hack in a PIR sensor

The idea is to have the trick-or-treaters be able to interact with the Treat-o-matic to have it dispense candy automatically for them. We'll need multiple ways to detect people and interact with them. The program and functionality aren't written or developed yet, that's where you come in! Help me with the ideas to make this dream come alive :D

I also have the alternate goal of embedding a computer running ARC within all my new robots, Computer-based robots are the future!

Join the live chat and add your comments, ideas, and suggestions!


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I watched your part two, alot of work just to give out candy, lol, just kidding :-)

Maybe you can use AIMLbot for some responses? I will test some responses.

Keep going--- ready for part 3



Sorry guys, unfortunately, Part #3 will have to wait until next week. My daughter caught a cold this week and we are awaiting her COVID test results. I'm staying away from the office for now. I would do it from home but the Treat-o-matic is at the office :D


Stay safe and be well. Let's hope for the best.


Thanks Jeremie, hope she recovers soon from her cold.



Good news guys, my daughter's test came back negative! I'll be back at the office this week.


:) I'll bet that's one BIG load of your mind!


Great news, tell her hello for me