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Make Your Own Giant 3D Printer Vol 2

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Pushed back live feed , I have the day off tomorrow on Saturday so I will pick up then.

Second installment of building the giant 3D printer using parts from Folger tech. Folger ft-6 assembly. We will be picking up on Step 2 if you follow along the build manual. Pi Powered with 7 inch screen.Second Installment of the giant 3D printer build. Video length 1.5-2 hours length and we pick up on step 2 of the assembly guide from Folger Tech. Folger FT-6


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Everything went together smooth and I didn't get any errors or go straight to archive on the website, thumbs up. See everyone later today.:)


Looks like it's tomorrow now?


Not sure If I will have time today, most likely tomorrow, we will see in a few hours.


Nearly 4 hours of building in the video, feel free to fast forward if you need to . I will edit the video and maybe snip parts out or speed up the playtime of each step.