Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

Exosphere Community Beta Live Q&A

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DJ Sures will be introducing Exosphere's community beta in a live Q&A session. Questions related to Exosphere are welcomed. He'll talk about why Synthiam has created Exosphere and how you can start using it. We hope you can make it!:)


great to hear.what about the speed setting i cant adjust?

thank you
Speed settings should work. The setting on the left is for when people use a joystick to move your robot and the setting on the right is when they use keyboard arrow keys to move the robot. For example when they press up arrow key on their keyboard, it moves the robot forward for close to a second using the keyboard speed set (marked by number 2 in your screenshot). In that window you can test the speed by clicking test forward or moving the joystick.

does the servo movement panel  settings from the adventurebot have any contribution?
in the exosphere.i ask cause mine turning very rapidly.
User-inserted image

thank you
Nomad, want to test my robot, it should be charged in a few minutes?


okido .i put my gloves&helmet on.
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go back to the website, community, click on walk and wave
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go back to the community, under "robot tasks", click the last link, walk, turn around and wave

start my robot :-)
i dont see your robot moving.
try now
 it will move
you did it, great!!
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Somebody had to... Nomad wasn't getting the job done so I stepped in....:p
walk a little more then just turn and wave
you did it again, he walked a few steps, turned around  and waved, good job!
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yes, great job Nomad, you controlled my robot here in the USA - I have to go again, see you later, 

I just did all three again, what is next?

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Hi Nomad, are you there?

Ready to test?

I did the 3 Exosphere exercised again :-)