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ESP32 Connect to ARC

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I'll be programming the ESP32 Doit DevKit v1 with a firmware which turns it into an EZ-B for ARC to connect and control. We'll hook up a servo and demonstrate how to move it. Maybe move it with speech recognition. Show the ADC Graph on how the ADC works, do the same for Digital IO.


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Have a great time at the cabin DJ, just watch out for those pesky Porcupines!

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Very cool, I ordered a bunch of ESP32-CAM last week from China $10 CAD each. Looking forward to receiving them and trying with EZB

edit: Tried this on an ESP32 today worked like a charm :-) great work DJ


Is the camera/microphone working on a esp32-cam?


I looked into it and there’s only enough processing power for 2/4 frames per second. Which you can see on YouTube examples. It’s good for taking a photo every few seconds for surveillance, but the camera sensor and processor can’t be useful with robotics.

for a WiFi affordable camera solution with audio and robot I/o, take a look at the ezrobot iotiny, which i am a fan of for small projects.

otherwise, most robots should have an onboard computer anyway (lattepanda is my selection) and usb cameras work best


Light levels on OV2640 in CIF 400296 are pretty bad in 800600 is ok but can't get decent frame rate and seems to overheats over 10fps.


thank you for the video and hack. i ordered some already to see what i can smoke while learning. LOL i mainly deal with arduino models, for several years now. i am just starting with ez-builer/arc and having fun with uno firmware. only wish i could get the hc05 to connect for control. have not gotten the pi3 server to work either.

will the esp32 have full mobile control, minus camera, being it is still through ez-b? will there be variable speed for servos, as normal ez-b program? if, for some reason, want more pins, able to add external mc's through uart/i2c?


I'll make a change to the firmware tomorrow for the hc05 for ya on the uno. I know it works on one of the other arduinos, but can't remember which. I believe it'll easy for me to simply copy the code and it'll work.

The ESB32 doesn't have mobile app support. And the ESP32 also doesn't have variable servo speed for the servos. The arduino language doesn't really allow for a lot of the low level functionality that i was able to write into the EZ-Robot IoTiny and EZ-B v4. Sadly, they cost more slightly because of the additional hardware for convenience (i.e. camera & audio & digital switching power supply, etc).

If you want more pins, the best way is to connect to 2 of them at once:) . Or connect to an arduino and esp32 at the same time. You can connect to 256 different ezb types. And the types can be mix matched. Like, an IoTiny and an arduino uno and an esp32 all at once.


Thanks for reply and help. fabulous work with everything i have watched/seen.  love

with the uno and hc05 (without and without rx/tx connected), i find the correct com port and tried several baud rates.  watching the light on hc05, ez-b tries to connect but then times out and disconnects. my laptop and android connect and paired as needed without issues. i used -  btrx to uno tx bttx to uno rx

with uno ez-b firmware on uno it controls awesome but not remotely. i cant have my laptop always connected, unfortunately.

the reason asking about variable and mobile with esp32 is i am working on cart with 2 old hoverboard 6.5 wheels and esc controls that use pwm/ppm signals. i have working with nano-rf and nrf24l01 and the esc drivers that im using are the flipsky 4.12 50A and vesc firmware

nano-rf - flipsky - vesc tool -

i want to toss in mobile control if remote battery pack dies or leave it behind. also, with nano-rf, the reverse signal is not able to "turn" directions like it does in forward. either my lack of knowledge for programming or the signal just is not what it needs to be.

if i added wifi control to uno ez-b somehow, would that be better option? if so, what module would you recommend? and how to connect to get working?

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Ran out of servo ports so I figured I would use ESP32 to expand. Anyone know if there a servo shield ??? for ESP32 or is everyone just soldering on a dozen female JR connectors.  I saw this online, looked interesting anyone tried it .  It is called a "Keyes ESP32 Core Board Development Expansion Board" It looks like it is regulating the 5Vin to 3.3Vout on board and I really need 5Vout. I guess I could hack it but there must be something a little less smart or I guess I could make one.   User-inserted image


I think you’d easily be able to jump the voltage regulator that’s onboard. But the main concern would be the traces. If it’s designed to supply 3v, the traces might not be ready for the current of servos at 5v.

if it’s cheap enough, buy and try