Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

DJ's 8th Live (not) hack... We're playing games!

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I was sick with a massive head-cold and made it through without overdosing on NyQuil last week and skipped a live hack session. That means this week was twice as much work, so we're going to chill tonight. Instead of hacking, we're going to play games on my Apple II computer from 1978. Yup, I'm absolutely serious. It'll still be fun :D


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Sorry I missed this live! I was out celebrating my Birthday. Looking forward to a hot beverage and a watch this morning..prolly going to have a smile on my face!

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Happy birthday dude!!! You didn’t miss much other than a pile of retro goodness:) . We played some super obscure games and fixed the computer to have legible video.

This is is the sound card that I started with. I bought the blank pcb and sourced the chips from 40 year old stock in Russia.  User-inserted image Here is is completed  User-inserted image We found this connector which had composite video and GND. So we connected to that. Later after the video I realized the brightness on that connector washed out the colors. So I ended up moving the connection to another area of the pcb User-inserted image

Used this USB cable to power the hdmi convertor. Needed to find +5 and GND on the power supply User-inserted image

Mounted the converter on the back of the power supply and cut a hole with a dremel. Now the HDMi can connect to the back of the apple ii User-inserted image

She's looking good! User-inserted image

User-inserted image

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Thank you so much! Good evening out with great food and drinks with my wife!

This is so Awsome!!! My friend had an apple I was so jealous, my mom bought a ti-994a computer (1981)  from texasinstruments... far less impressive than the Apple..haha!

It’s  so retro you have that and got it functioning so well! So cool.

User-inserted image


Did that Texas Instruments computer have the famous speech synthesizer too? My brother actually had one of those tiny Timex Sinclair computers that were advertised like crazy in all the science magazines back in the early 80's but the only things you could really do is animate an analog clock face with the clock arms moving or balance a checking account. Not much uses.


DJ - awesome hack and gaming...."BUTER"!!  Somewhere I have an Apple IIe boxed up, I'll have to do some upgrades in the future.

Will, my first computer was ti-994a too...mine had (gulp) Bill Cosby on the box...I loved coding on it...and before I killed it by attempting to recreate the documentary nature of the instructive science in the film, "Weird Science". :D