Live Robot Hack Session
DJ Sures

DJ's Third Hack Night

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We're going to play with ARC software, build Perry's robot eyes, make Dynamixel servo cables, demonstrate how to move dynamixel servos and record positions, and more! As usual, anything you want to see, comment below:D

Hey DJ, thank you for the video but the configuration of the new dynamixel do I need to do the same with the AX 12's.
It was stunning to see dj.s master brain in action.
@JerseyLance - The firsts dynamixel i demonstrated was an AX-12. All you have to do is follow the instructions that i demonstrated to the detail and you're good to go.
Just re watching the servo demo at the beginning as I missed it the first time live,very informative. So now I just need to know if I need to be careful which brand of servo will work using EZ controller if I am planning to use Linear servo. If Dynamixel makes any Linear servo's they will work?
Any PWM servo will work. So there's a high probability that your Linear servo will work.
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Yes that was what I was thinking too as it is basically just up and down like on remote car steering left and right,but I am interested in the newer heavy duty ones coming out,should be same just more voltage/amps.
Just still watching to see what you did for cable attachments on servo,that could be interesting.