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Astro Boy Live Hack....So it begins!

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Astro Boy Live Hack (Part 1)

Update 7:45 start time

The eighties Astro Boy cartoon was likely the majority of the inspiration that got me into robotics in the first place. The whole concept of a child-like robot super hero really intrigued me. The story also had a very emotional back story that had me hooked. While I don't plan on replacing my own children with robots I do feel that it would be fun to create my own version of Astro:D

I'm a bit nervous to do this Live hack to tell you the truth. I don't know if I'll be able to do Astro justice. While there was a Japanese magazine that did produce a weekly 70 issue kit build of Astro (Atom) it was completely injection molded and I feel like there's still room for improvement to make Astro look more true to life.

I will start with a 3D printed frame. I may dive into giving Astro a silicone suit but after googling silicone doll making, I've now see enough horrors to last me a life time. I might have to recruit someone with experience in this field to save me from another traumatizing experience. Seriously, don't go digging unless you are prepared to see some very horrible attempts at making silicone little people.

I plan on making Astro as a fully embedded Robot with a Raspberry Pi or Latte Panda running ARC inside. I don't think I'll be adding butt lasers, as I wasn't really a fan of that feature. Rocket powered boots are also out of the question but maybe we'll find a way to fake it.:D

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Why not make it 5 feet tall? would the 3d printer be able to make that much material? LOL! I know, I'm always all about taller robots.:D


Is this the Astro Boy Robot you are refering to, I think it would be very hard to beat. and this costs a lot of money.

User-inserted image


this is gonna be lots off fun.


Yep @NallyCat that's the one!

@Robo Rad I don't know about 5 feet tall, I don't work with that scale, lol.

@Nomad, Thanks for the video!

If you guys have any more ideas or Astro related content, please share it here!:D

I haven't had much time to research building Astro so the more info the better.

Here's what I've thought about so far:

  • He'll be about as tall as Voltron 16" (40cm)
  • I'll use OLED displays for the eyes
  • I'll attempt silicone pull over skin (like in the cartoon)
  • I'll make his battery look like Astro's power source (like in the cartoon)
  • I'll 3D print his frame and brackets
  • I'll use EZ-Robot HDD and micro servos
  • I'll use red nylon or silicone for his "socks"
  • I'll use black cotton or silicone for his costume
  • I'll use green elastic or silicone for his belt, maybe a silicone arm band would work

Not to many 3d models to choose from here is one for free maybe you could enlarge the head to 3d print cut it and make it hollow.LOL haha astroboy


What is so funny Nomad 6R  you simply download a 3d model using your printer program or cad program make parts of it suitable for the robot you are building  better then having to design one yourself   you Nomad 6R do it all the time  when you print parts for your JD robot.  just remember Jeremie does not have a load of time to design parts for this robot. unless he wants this live hack to run for a year or more.


hi nallycat

sorry my mistake.

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:D Thanks @Nallycat, I was thinking about do something similar to what you suggested. I would like to take an existing 3D model to get the proper dimensions of Astroboy and then rebuild the shape to be something more clean and usable. I came across the model @Nomad linked to (that was quite laughable) but I hadn't see the one you pointed out. I will likely work from that model and scale it up.


@Jeremie  That model I found is not the best either but the head could ne used maybe other parts, I didn't have that much time to look.  @Nomad 6R thats ok you probably did not understand what I was suggesting.  It is very difficult to build a robot when you have nothing, and not much time


I LOVE Astroboy!! Its a shame those live hacks are always happening so late!! At least if you are over here in Europe!!:D


@Mickey666Maus  It's late here too, I am at the other end of Canada, I fell asleep watching the live-Hack.


@Mickey666Maus You could always watch it after the fact, all the live hacks get archived on my channel and show up at the top of this live hack page for viewing pleasure:D


Thats how I caught up on a lot of content already...but I guess it just feels a bit more like hanging out together when watching it live!!

Great you guys are doing those live hacks!! Keep 'em coming!!:D


i cant wait to see the printed parts.


Your wish is my command! hahaha The prints just finished.

The design worked! The servo fits nicely. I do need to make some changes though. DJ pointed out that having a rounded edge on the arch of the foot may make it hard to walk. I also need to thicken up the tops of the screw seats, they printed really thin. I also need to make a hole for the servo wire to come out of the foot. Other than that, it's onto the shin design.

Well...truth be told...the shape doesn't exactly look right so I may change it in the future but I do like how low profile it is.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image


Astro jer haha

yes the hole to let the wire thru.i thought about that yesterday. i need to print allmost tree time before i got it right. this is going to be very awesome.


What? that guy will walk too? Really cool, still if you made it 5 foot tall,did I say 5, how about 6 foot tall and walking that would be cool but I know the more weight and center of Gravity is the enemy of tall robots. I dream of the day My Terminator will have walking legs at 6 foot tall.


Yes, getting a robot a robot to walk is quiet a struggle...but just having a neat Astroboy that is moving, already makes my day!! Nice to see this project unfolding!!:)

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Thanks guys, I appreciate your comments!

We’ll see if I end up using straight filament for the feet/legs or if it’ll be skinned with another material like red silicone or a sock. For the time being I’m in prototype mode so Astro’s parts are probably going to be all kinds of different colors:D

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Your model has large feet if you put a battery pack at the base of the foot below the  servo the weight moves the CG down making walking easier. several Biped robots use this technique. here is a thingiverse robot ROFI walker. these parts are also available to print.

User-inserted image


@Jeremie  I have a suggestion for a live hack in the future  have a look at this facebook link  it is a silicone face made for a Inmoov robot,  I thought we could make a silicone face of DJ and put it on the Synthiam inmoov Robot,  then we could have the Robot master as a Robot, how cool would that be.  this is a joke Dj.  

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