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Astro Boy Live Hack...Set phasors on stunning!

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Astro Boy Live Hack (Part 6)

The eighties Astro Boy cartoon was likely the majority of the inspiration that got me into robotics. The whole concept of a child-like robot super hero really intrigued me. The story also had a very emotional back story that had me hooked. While I don't plan on replacing my own children with robots I do think it'd be fun to create my own version of Astro:D

The AtomicPi SBC will be the brain of Astro, which is quite fitting since Astro is also know as Atom Boy (and Mighty Atom). The AtomicPi runs windows 10 so many of the features of ARC/EZ-builder can be used to create a fully featured Astro Boy with audio input/output, camera, and AI features.

This week I'll be test fitting our 3D printed designs (shin, upper leg, and waist) from last week, then I'll be modifying the feet, torso, and if there's time I'll get start on the arm designs. I'm starting to ramp up and get back into the swing of this project, I know there's going to be some challenges and iteration along the way but I am up for the task!

Join the live chat and add your comments, ideas, and suggestions!

I apologize but I have to delay the start time as I am just finishing up another project at the moment*********


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Set Phasors on stunning? LOL! You guys are rock stars down there but not more than the Iconic StarTrek! I think if I ever ran into William Shatner at a Sci-Fi comicon , I would likely Freeze up and say all the wrong things,LOL!


I did run into Shatner and Did freeze up. I'm sure he was thankful.


@Jeremie   I have been working on a model of Astro Boy, Have a look and see if you can break it to print full size.  It is a .stl fileAstro Boy(2).stl   I don't think this will send the file to you how do I send you the .stl file

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hi nallycat

you can download the stl from works. forgot th pic

User-inserted image



@Normad6R  Thanks,    I hope this is what Jer wants . He will have to make it bigger of course to fit the servos and boards. if you make the servo fittings seperate that they can be inserted in the parts and held in with glue or screws. just for information Inmoov uses wood screws that holds fine,   and he will have to break the model into parts and hollow out.  The face still needs some work, but it is not that bad.


Wow @Nallycat that 3D model is impressive! That's a pretty awesome design, I'm blown away!

Your design seems to be modeled after the 2009 film version of Astroboy. In this project I was thinking more of going for the 1980's style of Astro with less features and a more classic design. The style that I've pictured in my live hack thumbnails. That doesn't take away from the design you've made in any way, because it's awesome and leagues above anything else out there! I just have a different preference in look and style because I'm a 1980's kid. I would definitely encourage you to share this design on your favorite STL sharing platform (even a monetized platform).

That being said, if you are willing, I'd love to commission you to do a 2nd design of a 1980's Astro version. PM me if you are interested.


@Jeremie  Sorry, that 3D model is my lack of knowledge about Astro Boy,  believe me it wasn't modeled after the 2009 film, as I never saw that film.  I took some images that I found and came up with this model, not sure of what you mean less features, I thought it was pretty basic as it is.  I tried. but my childhood was way before Astro Boy came into existance.


Oh interesting, sorry about that. By less features, I mean more basic shapes. Think tubes and flat surfaces rather than muscles. It's like the interpretation of human rather than actually human looking. Kinda C3P0 style.


@Jeremie  OK So it would be only the chest and arms that are to human like.  the legs and feet are just tubes .  what did you think of the head?


Sorry all, I won't be doing a live hack tonight, but I may switch it up and do one on Sunday night or just wait until next week. I haven't had a chance to put some good thinking time into the Astro Boy project this week. I hope to this weekend.

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Sorry guys, It's been another week where I haven't had a chance to even think about Astro. There's lots going on with COVID-19 spreading in Canada now. My kids' schools have been shut down (probably for the rest of the year), most people have moved to working remotely, including my wife. There's been some adjustments. Last weekend was a bit crazy, maybe this weekend I'll have time. I hope to redesign the way I'm attaching the 3D printed PLA parts to the servo and to test PETG as a replacement material. I seem to have a roll of PETG in my collection, it was a supplier error in my favor.


hi jeremie

the most important is that you all are ok.


Sorry to hear Jer. Same thing here. Kids have been home for 3 weeks and no end in site. All of 40 million people in LA are on lock down. Strange times are these. Stay safe and healthy.


Jeremie no problem. Life & Family first. we need to hibernate for a few months...